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Friday, September 19, 2008

holding the singapore flyer capsule with my finger...

Just a silly post.

But I did hold the Singapore Flyer with my fingers. LOL


chillycraps said...

lol, this one is funny!

Anonymous said...

did u ever ride the flyer? i heard it's the tallest in the world

Anonymous said...

Cool shot!

Fitness | Design Jurulatih said...

Dude, it would be cool if u photoshoped it somehow, making it look that u actually extracted the capsule away from the SG Flyer.

Nice shot anyways!

Mockingbird said...

That's a great shot. It would be even greater if you had reduced the depth of field and kept both your hand and the capsule in sharp focus :) Your camera allows you to reduce the aperture size to 22 right? :)

Unknown said...

i was doing silly stuff in the weekend. haha..

yes, i did.


haha.. too tedious to photoshop it. if i have time.... next time..

next time i shall plan better. i was standing in front of the flyer, held my left hand up, right hand so unstable snap it. only when i reach home, i tot it was so funny.

alicesg said...

Brilliant idea.

• Eliane • said...

Clever and fun. I did something like that with the Unisphere in Queens. You reminded me that I should go back and do that again. :)

Unknown said...

quite silly too right? hehe..

so i should expect it on your blog soon? ;-)