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Monday, September 01, 2008

Theme Day for September 1: Sister Cities

It's Theme Day for the Daily Photo community again. The theme for September is Sisters Cities.

Singapore does not have any sisters city. But according to this press release by the San Franciso Mayor's Office, these cities once signed a pact for a Digital Sisters Cities initiative :
San Franciso (USA), Toronto (Canada), Guadalajara (Mexico), Ireland, Dusseldorf (Germany), Skopje (Macedonia), Sofia (Bulgaria), Chennai (India), Singapore and Osaka (Japan).

I wonder if there are fellow DPs living in these cities? Oh yes there is! 13 of us!

San Francisco (CA), USA by PFranson * San Francisco (CA), USA by Burd Zel Krai * San Francisco (CA), USA by Ursel * San Francisco (CA), USA by Louis la Vache * San Francisco (CA), USA by meles meles * San Francisco (CA), USA by Manuel

Singapore, Singapore by Keropokman * Singapore, Singapore by Zannnie, Ming & Madscientist

Toronto, Canada by Steve * Toronto, Canada by Elaine

Sofia, Bulgaria by Antonia

Chennai, India by Shantaram * Chennai, India by Ram N

But how do I request them to take a photo for me? Well, use the City Daily Photo portal of course! The photos thumbnails are listed as they post photo daily.

Want to know which are cities are sisters?
Click here to view thumbnails for all participants on the Theme Day


Shantaram said...

Oh, that's interesting, didn't know that Chennai is 'related' to Singapore - couldn't find any mention of that... so tell me, is there a photo you want from here? Will send you one anyway :)


Julie said...

What a fascinating way to post for the Sister City Theme Day. Very well done.

Olivier said...

très bonne idée, mais personnellement aucun DP avec les villes jumelées d'Evry ;o(
very good idea, but personally no DP with twin cities of Evry ;o(

marley said...

Very good work. The best interpretation of the theme I've seen :)

alice said...

I do like the way you illustrate our Theme this month!

Anonymous said...

Great way to illstrate sister cities.

Jane Hards Photography said...

Very creative way to incorporate your sister city images, from the potrtal. Well done.

USelaine said...

Oh! That's incredible! I wish I knew how to code that. In any case, Digital Sister Cities are probably the wave of the future, and this is perfectly significant of that.

 gmirage said...

Very Nice! All of them in one post!

Happy theme day!

Eric said...

Excellent! Love the idea.

Janet Kincaid said...

Here's your chance to find out how your city can pair up with another city: