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Monday, September 08, 2008

Crave it?

Crave it?

Not today though. Some days I do.


Janet said...

Gosh, we don't even have McDelivery here!

Barbara Rahal said...

aha ha me neither today thanks..great shot!

Kate said...

Instead of the best, we tend to export the worst of our food! Eat at your risk!!

Wayne said...

Haven't craved it for about 15 years. I used to think the cheeseburgers and the caramel sundaes were pretty good but not any more.

marley said...

I had a McDonalds for the first time in as long as I can remember yesterday. It tasted good but gave me a headache later! They do taste good though!

Mockingbird said...

u don't crave it becos you're not a kid. Kids can eat McDonald's for each day's 3 meals everyday of their life :p

Unknown said...

Rambling Round,
Try calling the number from Singapore, wonder if they will deliver to Selma ;-)


I have taken lots of risk! LOL
I should count how many of the burgers are in me, or rather were in me. LOL

The sundaes come in new flavors nowadays. I was tempted by the new flavors. hehe..

What made you eat it? I suddenly crave for some fries now. :-p

Haha.. but why ah? LOL