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Sunday, September 28, 2008

F1 Singapore: Watching it on TV

The cars are circling the circuits now as I am posting this now in front of the TV.

The warm up round just before the race starts.

How do we get to watch this on TV?
Thanks to this guys.

Enjoy your show.

p/s Oops, one Ferrari car had the fuse hose on the car and the car zoomed off!


alicesg said...

Hahaha...I watch on TV too, just posted the winners. :) Yes, it was quite dramatic about the fuel hose, poor guy cost him dearly.

Anonymous said...

Ferrari seem to be having problems with the fueling lately. The result should make for an exciting last few races. Thanks for the photos over the last week.

Sally said...

I said on Zannnie's blog I just don;t get these noisy, polluting, resource-wasting Boy Toy events!

Mockingbird said...

i'm impressed by how the cameraman is able to pan and track the F1 cars zooming by at breakneck speeds so fast without letting the car out of the camera view :)

Unknown said...

shocking right? the hose got stuck and all those other accidents.

ya, heard the same thing from the commentator on TV.

haha... my first time watching it (on tv of course) was the race first got to Albert Park in Melb.

they are pros! they must be following the races from country to country.

Anonymous said...

The cameraman on the startup got the best view in the house as he was stationed above the oncoming cars.

Watching on TV is more relaxing and can see in more clearly.