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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Weekend Paper

The weekend Business Times in Singapore has been on broadsheet for 32 years.

Today it became tabloid like. A 'compact format' as they call it.
Do you prefer tabloid size papers or broadsheets? I prefer the tabloid sizes ;-)


• Eliane • said...

I have to ask (read it in your blog banner): what is a kounk kounk?

Janet Kincaid said...

Tabloid, if I want to read the paper on the train and not invade other people's personal space. Broadsheet, if I'm reading the paper at home. In truth, though, I read the bulk of my newspapers online. No dirty fingers that way! :-)

Mockingbird said...

i love tabloid size papers like TODAY too. Broadsheets like Straits Times are a pain in the ass to flip. Can't even read it in a packed train or bus.

J.C. said...

I like tabloid size. It's much easier to handle. In fact our local New Straits Times that came in broadsheet had to publish a tabloid size issue to cater to readers who prefer tabloid size paper. Competition is tough these days, it's all about satisfying customer's needs these days!

Unknown said...

Hi Paul too!

oh, it's the sound of crackers cracking in your mouth. hehe

I know some newspapers in some countries have no stain ink, wish it was like that all over the world.

I still like to hold physical papers though hehe..

But I still prefer to read Straits Times to Today, dunno why. Maybe one day Straits Times will swap to tabloid size too.

Ya, I saw the New Straits Times in tabloid some time ago when I was in Msia. It looks better now! Easier to hold and read.