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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Old Jurong Line - Railway at Sunset Way

Can you read this sign? Apparently, the few of us who went for the photo outing can't read.
It is as if the sign does not exists. :-P

Old Jurong Line - Railway at Sunset Way

That is us on the bridge.

Old Jurong Line - Railway at Sunset Way
How often do you ignore instructions? ;-p


Ciki said...

ALL the time.

JuneCSY said...

most of the time. especially to the cinema. when they say no outside food; we brought in doughnuts, pizza, and just about anything.

Dutchie said...

Ah so cam-shy ! Or close-up phobic ? A rare opportunity to see u in person has slipped away *sob*

Jinghui said...

Hmm .... ignore instructions ??

Quite a few times :P

Had to ignore the instruction to lead you folks there !

Nice pics, angles & perspective !


arabesque said...

finally, an actual glimpse of Mr. keropok himself! ^0^
but where are you in this foto?... that's a mystery huh?

Unknown said...

Yes, rules are man made and meant to be broken right?

Wow, u manage to smuggle so many things in? LOL

Dutchie, Arabesque,
That's not me in it!

It was good u ignore the instruction. Or else we would never go there! Thanks!