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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Just thought this was funny.

Shoes make me happy. I'm superficial. Whatever

Seen on the wall of a shoe store.

Are you an "Imelda"?  I wonder if the younger folks know what I mean by "Imelda"?
My sis used to have 60 pairs at a time! Until she decided to 'repent'. ;-p


Gunn said...

Hello from Norway.
Yes, I have seen Imelda on TV, and I know she had a huge number of shoes that now are in a museum.
I would love to have a trip to THE museum.
I like shoes, but do not have many! :-)

gogouci said...

I remember seeing photos of Imelda's amazing shoe collection. I like shoes too, but only own enough to get me by.

marley said...

That is very funny!

arabesque said...

hey, that would be referring to us!
you know when we had our flood last october, the museum in marikina w/c was a flood prone area, had to quickly transfer those Shoes and moved it into a higher place. ^-^
but imeldific or not, Shoes, like C. Bradshaw are my fave., lucky i don't have a Big space for it or else...^0^

Hilda said...

This made me smile too! And of course I know Imelda ;)

Not shoes, but chunky beaded jewelry. Does that make me superficial too? ;)

Dutchie said...

Yeah, I hv a thing for shoes bec they looked so dainty on my feet. It's more difficult to walk on them in Europe bec of the cobbled stone or red brick streets.

I also go overboard with shoes for dear hubby :-) He shakes his head whenever I carted the loot back ! Good thing that there r bins for recycling clothes n shoes at the supermart. Someone must be glad to hv them in Africa or Poland !

Ah, Imelda ! Our royals runs thru fashion alot more. They stored their old stuff at hangars fit for a boeing !

Unknown said...

Gunn White,
I think my sis would gladly go with you to the museum!

I only have less than 5 pairs of shoes/slippers at any time :-)

I had another friend who posed with it. But I posted this one without his face. LOL

arabesque, Hilda,
ya! the country where Imelda is from :-)

In hangars? wow! i should say wow again!