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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

That Christmas Tree at ION that you can see what's inside...

The newest tree of the newest mall in Orchard Road. It did not look very particularly special.

ION Christmas Tree

But we saw people entering the tree! See the security guard at the triangle at the bottom of the tree? That's the entrance to the inside of the tree.

ION Christmas Tree

Walk inside and you can enjoy a very bedazzling view!
You but get a bit dizzy though.

ION Christmas Tree

The sides of the trees.  Head down to take a look if you are not too busy. :-)


Three Rivers, Michigan said...

Wow -- uhm -- wow!
That (and the rest of the displays) is on beyond spectacular! Thanks for showing it off.
Three Rivers Daily Photo

arabesque said...

only three words for this: wOw! ^-^

marley said...

We normally have a walk through tree in Cheltenham, but yours is much nicer. Very grand!

Store windows on twitter said...

A walk-through christmas tree, didn't expect that.

chillycraps said...

i wonder if the security guard will check your bag...

Unknown said...

In Three Rivers,
Yeah, I was quite impressed with them. :-)


Oh... so this walk thru tree is not something new. another copied idea. haha..

store windows,

no leh, the security guards told us we can go in, that's how we know about it!

ciki said...

that a cool tree. uh huh.. real cool. i want one. for my garden. so.. when can i buy u lunch/ KL?! :P

oh ya, btw, pls could you kindly update our site link to (pls ignore if you have!)

Leif Hagen said...

Awesome Christmas tree - very unusual! But the decorations come out everywhere toooo early I think!

Gunn said...

Very nice. The ONLY place I have seen something similar was on the island Madeira! Quite arty the photos from inside!:-)

Copenhagen said...

What a pretty tree. I see that they're starting Christmas early in Singapore.