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Monday, November 16, 2009

Chinese Procession

It's said that you don't really get many sculptures in Singapore. Not very true. As I walk around, I am discovering more and more of it!

(They love to move around though. Sometimes you see it here, then next it's shifted to a new location. LOL. Even the Merlion has moved around so many times!)

Chinese Processions by Lim Leong Seng

This work is by Lim Leong Seng.
Ooo. I just found out he has a website too at:

Chinese Processions by Lim Leong Seng
Do you like to admire sculptures?


Leif Hagen said...

Something's "fishy" about that sculpture! Great work of free standing pieces!

Copenhagen said...

May I ask why it is written in simplified Chinese in Singapore?

Dutchie said...

This is in BG right ? I used to live round the corner - hehe.

There's a ice sculpture exhibits in Bruges/Belgium on 20th Nov to 4th Jan. Saw the promo n it's just amazing. The ice were crystal clear like swarovski pieces of the russian winter palace or the notre dame ! Am thinking of combining a christmas vacation there while getting ourselves an eyeful of such wonderful delights !

Unknown said...

Leif Hagen,
You can smell the fishy-ness? LOL

White Oleander,
Because in Singapore, we use the simplified writing. The younger folks like me, we learn the simplified Chinese.

Ooo.. it's near your old home? ;-)

Your next potential holiday sounds very nice!! *jealous*

marley said...

I like it. It looks very life like :)

Glennis said...

Very nice set of sculptures, the Chinese procession must be celebrating a fishing exploit.

ciki said...

cool but a lil freaky.. like black charred bodies.. eek :P (no more horror for ciki)