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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Universal Studios @ Sentosa - coming up rather quickly....

Everytime I take a look at Sentosa from VivoCity, the constructions seems to be going up rather quickly.

This should be Universal Studios Singapore being constructed. Read from the newspapers that they are constructing 18 new rides, and some only available in Universal Studios Singapore.

Universal Studios Singapore being constructed

I have not been to any Universal Studios yet, though I have driven past the one at Los Angeles. If only we had more time then.....

Have you been to any of the Universal Studios around the world?


Dutchie said...

Yeah, we visited the one in Anaheim, LA. Hot like hell n hubby reminded me that California is desert country ! Few visitors fainted while waiting in the long queue, so it's pretty serious. There were hardly any shades !

For years I hv been saying that SG needs a theme park for a nice change to just eating as a pastime. It's now within reach n I'm very glad indeed.

Unknown said...


I only had time for Disneyland and not UnivStudios at Aneheim. Sigh..

You know, Night Safari is actually like a theme park? The queues, the lights, etc, I was there a few nights ago and it reminded me of Disneyland! LOL

marley said...

Lots of waterside developments in the UK too, but no plans for Universal Studios yet!

Ciki said...

looks cool.. but the question i wanna ask is.. when is the casino up? ada delay kah..

arabesque said...

you guys are so lucky, 1st the casino then universal! what's next? ^_^

my opinion,universal is better then disneylnd, my fav. part is the quick tour of the sets. ^-^

Unknown said...

But there's Lego World there right? :-)

I don't know. The HQ is in KL. Ask uncle lim?

what's next? we read that they top chefs in the world are opening up restaurants here. eg Daniel Boulud, Tetsuya Wakuda etc... :-)

Mami said...

Yes,we have Universal Studio Japan!!Pls come to Japan!!Welcome