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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Queensway Shopping Centre

There are so many new shopping centres in Singapore recently. But if someone wants to get sports goods, there's still one place they will go to. Queensway Shopping Centre.

Queensway Shopping Centre

It seems to be stuck in people's mind that QSC = Sports wear mall. Oh yes, QSC is also known as the photocopy centre! LOL..


arabesque said...

is this the one near nanyang univ?
i remember taking pictures of it and passed by a particaular mall that was all copy centres!

Unknown said...

this is where i get my running gear and funky bags! i like! (down the road for factory outlets hor? ;))

Dutchie said...

Hmm ... used to hang out at the aircon coffee houses when I was a teenager, pretending to be an adult - haha.

True abt the photo-copy shops - dreadful sidelines for alot of students making an extra buck ! The over-exposure to the scanning process must be bad for their health ?!

I did buy heaps of Ƨheap LP's there in those days :-)

Unknown said...

no, this is near Ikea Alexandra.

OO... all the way from KL to buy stuff here? Ya, the factory outlet mall is 100 steps away...

What has happened to all your LPs now? Converted into MP3s?