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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Orchard Road Lights : Turned On!

Wow, the Christmas Lights at Orchard Road has been turned on earlier than usual! With the APEC meeting held here, I guess the lights would get maximum coverage by the foreign media coming for the meeting!

I only found out it was lighting up today and since I was around the area, I took a few shots of it too.
The usual starting point of the light display. (though Orchard Road starts earlier)

Orchard Road Christmas Lights

The colour of the lights in different section are different. This blocks from Tangs onwards are 'golden' in colour.

Orchard Road Christmas Lights
Will post the different colours in the next few days. ;-)


marley said...

Very colourful and so many lights! Pretty!

Anonymous said...

Hi, your photos are fantastic, I really like finding out about your observations on this country. You do so much to help poeple understand and appreciate Singapore !

Unknown said...

it is pretty Marley, it's very different when you are there! ;-)

Thanks Anon.

Three Rivers, Michigan said...

Aha! Another early sign of Christmas; I should start collecting the links!

Three Rivers Daily Photo