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Monday, February 01, 2010

Theme Day for Feb 2009: Wood. (this is not wood)

Time flies! It's the first day of the month again. For February, the theme for City Daily Photo bloggers to post is "Wood". It would be interesting to see what people will be posting. I can imagine Tiger Woods, trees, gardens, etc. being posted by most people. I thought I will do something really different.

This is bamboo. It is NOT wood. It actually belongs to the 'grass' family and not 'trees'. Most people would think it is a tree and thus it is wood :-) I thought it was wood too previously. Visit wiki to read more if you want. :-)

Say hi to Mr Prawn. He just has a hot hot bath and it getting out of his 'bath tub'.

Little prawn in bamboo

Mr Prawn will start visiting the City Daily Photo blogs soon!

If you want to join him in this visitation, here's the link to it:
Click here to view thumbnails for all participants


ben wideman said...

woah, cool.

Hilda said...

Reminds me of The Matrix's "There is no spoon." And should I tell you that banana trees aren't trees either?

Gorgeous bamboo cup. But it kind of makes it look like you're having Mr Shrimp for tea!

I'm sorry – you kind of triggered me off! ;)

Kate said...

Hi Stranger. Bamboo is being used in many creative ways throughout the decorating world, too. My favorite is the use of it in flooring.

arabesque said...

uhm, never say no to "prawns" even when he;s haviing his bath time or not!

Julie said...

very interesting post and I did not know bamboo was not wood. Hmmm.

Three Rivers, Michigan said...

Great photo!

Since bamboo gets used for everything "woodish" I vote for it being "wood".
Three Rivers Daily Photo

Carraol said...

I did not know bamboo was not wood, anyway, this looks hot and pleasant to the taste, is it? Perfect for this theme.

Jilly said...

I laughed at this, especially Mr Prawn climbing out! I did know that bamboo wasn't a wood but it certainly looks like it at times. Nice post.

I'll pass on your greetings to Henri!

x_pEpPeRoNi_x said...

what a cute cute prawn! ^-^

Ben Nakagawa said...

He gets hos body radish, it must be a steaming hot bath tub.

Is it common to use a bamboo as a serving dish? We do in Japan but I have not seen in NZ (at least so often). Perhaps, I need to visit an Asian restaurant more often.