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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The LCG Bak Kwa Queue....

This was taken yesterday, almost a week to go before the Lunar New Year.
The queue is so so long!

The famous LCG Bak Kwa queue

There's a lady holding this sign informing that the BBQ Sliced Pork is sold out, that's not stopping people from queuing for stuff. (taken with my iPhone)

I asked this lady in blue, what time should I be here if I want to get the sliced pork? She and another lady who was there said, start queuing at 6 am, and you will get a chance to get it.

It's sold out and people are still queueing! (for other stuff)

Are you a huge Bak Kwa fan?
Between the "Sliced" and "Minced" Bak Kwa, which is your favourite?


Ciki said...

WTF! i won't queue man.. i'll just get my dad to make it. he's a great cook. heck, loads of ppl in KL make their own now.. :)

arabesque said...

bakwa's the best! looove them! ^0^
but to queue for it? hours of tired, relentless feet? pass... next pls. ^0^

Unknown said...

My mum made it last year. Too much work and cant make it fast enough to feed the hungry people around. LOL

So this year she is not making. Hmm but this morning, she bought lots of meat, wonder if she's thinking of making it!

Ya, yum yum!
I went to another stall and queue. LOL. Not so long queue, but it had the product I wanted, and it's not too bad!

(i was on leave! haha)