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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Old Books...

I guess everyone is doing 'spring cleaning' now in preparation for the Lunar New Year. It's time to give away things that you might need anymore.

This is a pile of old books that a more 'senior' colleague gave to two other colleagues who had young kids. (all below 5 years old)

The few of us were shocked when we heard these are the books she read to her little ones when they were young.  The senior colleague will just read it as bed time stories?!?! (to kids that young??)

You know something? I have not read a single book in this pile!

old books

Oh.. btw, the colleague who read to her kid when she was young, it's a 50-50 success rate. The eldest daughter went into the 'gifted programme' in school. The younger one is just doing ok.

Question of the day: Have you started your spring cleaning?


Camemberu said...

Actually kids in olden centuries had adult books read to them as well. The "children's books", especially picture books are quite a new invention, in the history of books.

Unknown said...

oh.... we should be reading to kids these books.

Do you know I sometimes borrow children's books from the library to read? hehe...

chillycraps said...

goodness, bill gates?

I wonder if any will let children read programming books... :P