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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Universal Studios Singapore

I was there last week at Universal Studios Singapore.  But it's not opened yet! I could only see this!

Could only take this photo, just like many other people who were there. (probably hotel guests?)

Universal Studios Singapore

The soundtracks of Universal Studio productions could be heard over the speakers. ;-)

Wait for the news! I think they would open it by the Lunar New Year?
Let's see....


Ciki said...

i wanna go! heard its gonna be damn expensive.

Unknown said...

think it will be SGD66 for weekday pass.

too lazy to go hunt the details. I am sure when its opened, the prices will be published in all the newspapers etc.. ;-)

philippine travel said...

I am surprised that Singapore has its own Universal Studios. This is what Asians are waiting for.

Stevie said...

so good.... u got invited to an exclusive preview right?