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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Somerset Skate Park

Saw this from the roof top of the new (not so new) mall, Orchard Central.
If you happen to be in that building, you should go to the top most floor!

This is the Somerset Skate Park from all the way up there...

Somerset Skate Park

But I don't have zoom lens, so this zoom in photo is a bit blur. (it looks as if it's taken using a lousy camera phone. hehe)

This is something I would never do!

Somerset Skate Park

Aren't they afraid of falling? ;-p


Ciki said...

that's not even high though.. have you seen the ones on extreme sports? hehe..
(but to answer your question - no I would not!)

david santos said...

Very good work and excellent pictures. Congratulations.

Unknown said...

No, this is for absolute beginners.

Those extreme sports standard are just too high and dangerous isn't it?

We are all scary cats ya, won't do this sport.