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Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's opening! It's opening! Universal Studios Singapore is opening!

They announced it! You can get sneak peaks of what's behind this building from 14-21 February, 5 pm - 9 pm.

Admission is $10 which is rebated via the same value dining voucher.

Universal Studios at night

Everyone can queue for tickets from Friday, 11:18 am. (hmm is that an auspicious time?)
By then the ticket counter lights will all be on!

Universal Studios Ticket Counters

No rides and shows yet though. That has to wait till March.


Lowell said...

Methinks you're gonna like that a lot. I haven't been to Universal in Orlando even though it's only an hour away...but our daughter and family had annual tickets. They love it!

Unknown said...

Hi Jacob,

I think so too! I will love it!

chillycraps said...

i so feel like checking it out! It sounds very different from other theme parks..

B SQUARED said...

Let us know how it was.

samyk said...

hey really nice blog !!
cool photos :D !


Wisata Singapura said...

I went there for the sneak preview ticket but no luck. I desperately want to see what is inside this Universal Studios Singapura

Shekin said...

Is this on Sentosa? I saw a theme park on Sentosa, but we had no idea how to get in! Singapore can be very confusing, coz its actually so easy. hahaha