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Monday, February 08, 2010

Singapore Airshow 2010

Momo and I went to the Singapore Airshow 2010 over the weekend.
('someone' tried to be smart and did not want to put on sun block and she's now as red as a lobster!).

Too many photos to post, but here's just two of it. I will load the rest into Flickr soon. (if you are interested)

Even before we got there, we can see the flags proudly flying away...

Can you spot the flag of your country?

We realise that when there's a queue, it's always because the kids wants to get in a plane or something. (We wonder if it's the kid that wants to get in, or the parents who 'wants' the kid to get in. haha)

Everyone wants to climb in!

Anyone of you went there as well?


Ciki said...

itz the parents! parents i tell ya!

Unknown said...

hehe.. u also think so eh?