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Monday, March 08, 2010

Cam Am Spyder in Singapore

Saw this 3 wheel bike yesterday stopping beside the car I was in. Quickly took a photo of it with my iPhone.

It's the Cam Am Spyder! I did an online search and realise it has been in Singapore since mid 2009!
Retailing around $36K, and classified as a motorcycle by the Land Transport Authority (LTA).

Cam Am Spyder

Blanked the bike's number which happens to be a very very nice number too!

I am sure my dad would love it. Right dad?


Ciki said...

waaaow! smokin hawt:)

chillycraps said...

in Singlish term, fierce!

Mrs Sze said...

So coolz hoh .. I saw a few 3-wheeled bikes on the roads recently also. There's another version with 2 wheels in front and 1 behind. How nice if I can try on those one day ..........

Unknown said...

Smokin expensive too!
But very very cool!

It looks more comfortable than the taxi in front eh?

mrs sze,
Upgrade from bicycle to this spyder? hehe...

Anonymous said...

ahh~~~ nice..:)

doc said...

this 3-wheeler makes it neither here nor there - doesn't have the agility of a 2-wheeler yet seemingly cumbersome to steer.

Unknown said...

but the video i googled shows it is very easy to drive/ride.

Maybe it's a promotional video. hehe..