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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


This multi techni colour words "Siloso" must have been around for the longest time.

I think it's created to beg people to take photos of it!

siloso beach

One of the 3 beaches at Sentosa Island. It's where they have the Annual Countdown Party on the last day (31 Dec) of every year.

This is the beach is where people usually play beach volleyball and roller blading. Personally I don't think people should swim here! Look at the ships that's so near the beach.

Are you a beach person? Or are you an indoor person like me?


Ciki said...

waddaya think? look at how dark i am! and you're rite .. i would nevah swim in that water! not even the cafe del mar pool - the water is piped in right? gross!!

Shekin said...


I think this is the beach I flying fox-ed down to? I really wanted to have a swim, I thought It looked lovely :)