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Monday, March 15, 2010

Vibration Monitor

Saw this on the block below uncle's apartment. I have never seen a vibration monitor!

There have been earthquakes around the world, but I doubt it is for monitoring that.

Vibration Monitor

There's a lift upgrading on that block, so it's probably for monitoring the piling works going on.
But there's also the Downtown Line construction not too far away, but I doubt this can monitor vibrations so deep below.

They sure have lots of monitoring devices nowadays eh?

Sometimes I wonder if it's to be considerate to residents, or it is to prove it's not noisy when someone wants to sue the construction company. :-)


chillycraps said...

imagine a resident blasting music on his/her subwoofer....

think the vibration monitor can pick that up :P

Unknown said...

Hmmm I wonder if my neighbours have this in their house?

We play classical music sometimes quite loudly.

Or the tennis ball hitting the rackets on Wii! We plug the sound to the surround system for more realistic play. LOL..

Ciki said...

LOL, will it go off if someone was say practicing drums in the room nxt door?