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Friday, March 12, 2010

The 'fat' Adam and Eve at Resorts World Sentosa

It seems that Botero's works are quite popular in Singapore. You can see it at many places all over Singapore.

The lastest might be at Resorts World Sentosa. I took this a few week's ago. It's located at the lobby between Crockfords Tower Hotel and Hotel Michael.

Adam and Eve by Botero

A similar work by Botero, I think also named Adam and Eve is also in Time Warner Centre in NYC. Fellow Daily Photo blogger from NYC has also posted it here.


Ciki said...

i love botero! there's this one of the violin players (string quartet is it?) hanging in my folk's house. totally awesome

Unknown said...

wow! you folks bought one Botero's works? wow again!

Rob Siemann said...

Nice one! We have a huge cat from him in Barcelona, a very round one as well!