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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Irene Ang / Mrs Rosie Phua of PCK Pte Ltd.

If you are in Singapore, everyone's talking about productivity.  This morning I was at the presentation of some awards that my colleagues and I have won (merit award) on our Excellence Day.

I guess our company is one that is way ahead because we even have an annual event to recognise projects that increased productivity.  If I did not hear wrongly, our President in his speech said we saved about 3 million in operating cost through various projects! wow!

At the event today we had Irene Ang, more commonly known as Mrs Rosie Phua from PCK Pte Ltd, one of Singapore and Malaysia (PCK Sdn Bhd) favourite English Sitcom.

Irene Ang / Rosie Phua of PCK

Last year, I think we had comedian Hossan Leong. This year it's a lady comedian.
We laughed till we had stomach cramps!

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