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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The Sentosa Merlion

There are 5 'recognised' by the 'authorities' Merlion in Singapore. This is one of them. It's located at Sentosa and is probably the tallest of them all at 37 metres high.

Do you know you can get inside this Merlion at Sentosa? With a $8 entrance fee, you get to go to the Mouth and the Head (top) of the Merlion.

Momo and I thought it would be silly to pay $8 to go in. But we wondered if we could see Universal Studios from the top! We went to ask the ticket counter folks. They said, you can see part of it! It's only $8 to find out. So we parted with our $16 to find out.

(We thought a fair price would be $5 per person!)

Sentosa Merlion

There's a video show in the mini theatre inside the Merlion. It's most probably the most ridiculous story of how Singapore is founded!

Even the Australian tourist from Brisbane that were with us was laughing at it! Half the facts were true, the other half, we would say the story teller had really good imagination!

We got to the top of the Merlion after that. We got to see what we wanted to see! Partially only though.

Universal Studios Singapore

(if you want to see a larger photo of the photo above, click here. I loaded the original size photo at Flickr. You can zoom in to see the details!)

USS is opening soon, we should just wait till it's open to get in. :-)

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Zannnie said...

nice way to discover the places in Singapore. I like your adventure. I hope momo had fun that day ! :)