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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Bus Stop Sign - When is my bus arriving?

This is a one of the many kinds of bus stop in Singapore. For every pillar at all the various bus stops, you can see a number. It's the Bus Stop number. For example, this one has 11261 on it.

I have been noticing these numbers because I have been using it. I open the internet browser on the mobile phone, enter the bus stop number, the service I am taking and it will tell me when the bus is arriving!

You can try it out! This stop is the Holland Village bus stop. (11261).
Key in the SBS Transit buses route number. You can see when the next bus is coming! It's quite cool.

Currently only SBS Transit buses have such facility.

I access the site using the mobile version at ( which has no graphics. So the GRPS charges each time I check is only 2 cents on my mobile plan :-)


Anonymous said...

Oh my God! Online, real-time bus schedules? That's freakin' awesome!

Unknown said...


it will track the bus via GPS to see where the next coming bus is, then calculates the time to reach your bus stop.

not 100% accurate though. haha.. suddenly traffic jam, you have to query again. The time changes.

Jazzy said...

wow keropok, that's such a sophisticated system, by the time it comes to europe you'll invent something new.
looking trough your eyes Singapore is so great, looking forward to see it first hand.

DK said...

I only find it useful to check if I've missed the last bus. Other than that, I don't really see the point of finding out what time will the next bus be arriving. You still need to wait for it no matter what. So why bother? :P

Anonymous said...

It's the difference of *where* you wait that matters. If my bus was running 20 minutes late, I could sneak in a nice snack or something.

But if it's inaccurate, than that negates that idea.

quiche said...

COOL! i didnt know that. but is this only for singtel mobile line users?

a lot of us are with starhub!

Unknown said...


i am a hubber too. and I can access it. it's meant for anyone.

they have a sms function thingy, that is only for the 'red' company subscribers.