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Friday, September 07, 2007

One of my presents...

I was quite shocked when I opened the box. Inside it was an Apple AirPort Extreme.

Thanks to the person who gave me this :-)

With this, my old linksys wifi router can retire.
Do you surf wirelessly at home?

At home, we are quite dependent on it actually. We have an iMac, an Acer notebook, a HP notebook and 2 mobile phones that are Wifi equipped that connects to it.


Dijah said...

Wow.That's such a reliable gadget!We have wireless at home but only one computer.The wireless wil only be put into good use once I get my laptop if I score well in my big exam which is in two years time.

Z said...

Ok, enough already with your toys!!!! I'm going to have to come over and steal 'em all, I tell you!


Anonymous said...

We surf wireless at home. Got to love wireless ... now can't live without it. We have 2 and sometimes 3 pcs at home.