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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Spiderman Lanterns @ Holland V

Next Tuesday would be the Mid-Autumn Festival. The locals call it "Zhong Qiu Jie". It is also known as the "Mooncake Festival".

At our workplace, we have been getting boxes of mooncakes from our vendors. As practiced by many companies here, any gifts from vendors have to be declared. After that, we can devour them. The declare thingy is so that we wont be charged by the anti-corruption agency if contracts are not handled properly.

Children would be carrying lanterns too. This is a picture of how the traditional lanterns look like. Kids will still like Spiderman, Superman etc.

This is a shop in Holland Village, a suburb in Singapore that sells traditional lanterns.

Mid-Autumn festivals are celebrated in different cultures and countries. How do you all celebrate it?


Unknown said...

Very nice pictures. Lots of color and life.
I was in Singapore 20 years ago, it was really great !
I'll check out your other blog also.

Marie said...

Very nice and instructive. We don't have such festivals here in France, unfortunately enough. But we have lots of social and cultural events to get entertained :-))

• Eliane • said...

Those lanterns are so very pretty. I'd love to find some here. I think it could be a nice indoor decoration. Or maybe we are not supposed to use them inside? I just find their design so nice.
And I have to try a mooncake one of these days!

You know that declare thingy like you say exists for some companies here too. I once received a mailing from one of our customers advising that we could not send them anything for Christmas otherwise they would have to return it. We just enjoy anything anybody sends us.

DS2944 said...

Nice colored fishes : Great shot !

Bergson said...

Spiderman will be made eat by all these fish

Neva said...

NO festivals here but Thanksgiving is coming in November! lovely pictures.

Ming the Merciless said...

These laterns are so different from the ones I grew up with. We had simple colapsable paper ones that burn very easily.