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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mid-Autumn Festival - pigs included!

Today, we had a short eating session after our meeting at church.

It's the Mid-Autumn Festival today! So, we had some food. Someone even peeled pomelos for us! We have few boxes of mooncakes, but this was the 'star'. A piglet mooncake!

Ain't it adorable? By the way, it has no meat. So it can be considered vegetarian?

Anyway, it's just so so cute!
No, none of us carried lanterns! haha...


Meg said...

Too cute to eat, K Man! Too cute!!!

• Eliane • said...

Awwww!! Very cute indeed. You have a dangerous job!

Anonymous said...

nice to meet you , very cute
i will visit u blog again
i just start doing my blog, feel free to visit my blog

Olivier said...

ils sont trop adorable, on a pas envie de les croquer ;o)

they are too adorable, one does not want to crunch them ;O)

chillycraps said...

this is so cute I think if I see it, I won't want to eat it up lor!