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Friday, September 21, 2007


I was meeting friends for a movie last week when I saw this. Well, it caught my eye.

It's a new fashion home store that I guess recently opened.

I am wondering the mum and kids are saying, quick, we all wanna go home!
What about you? Do you wanna go home?


salian said...

That's actually a pretty effective name.

It makes people think of their home and their furniture at home and how crappy it may look compared to the stuff in there and that if they buy it, it won't be crappy anymore.

Sale made. Taa-daa!

Ian Hamzah said...

hi K-Man, nice shot, where is it located anyway? I gotta make sure to pay a visit once I visit Singapore next month

Keropok Man said...


haha.. is it effective? I saw it but did not go in. Maybe because I do not need to buy anything for the house :-)


there's one at Great World City and another at Tanglin Mall.

Keropok Man said...


just google iwannagohome the website will come out as the first listing.

Neva said...

it is a store for the home? very cute...

• Eliane • said...

Very funny name indeed. You can't really see what they are selling from their website though.