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Monday, September 17, 2007

Signs: Prepare to Stop

Singapore has lots and lots of road signs. Continuing with the road signs series....

Traffic Lights ahead. Please prepare to stop.

Do you always obey road signs? :-p


Anonymous said...

aah, but rules are made to be broken, brother! hehe.. how are you doing, kepok? :)

Anonymous said...

I didn't when I was younger. Then I went overseas to study and their traffic enforcement was a lot more stronger than in Miri so I started obeying the road signs. Now it's a habit.

Kate said...

Yes, I do but occasionally (when it's after midnight on a street void of traffic), I will "disobey" the rules. Seems a bit silly not to do that.

carolyn said...

In Vancouver, it is flashing lights on a signboard several metres away from the stop light to indicate it will be "Red" soon.

They timed it so well that you really cannot increase your speed and try to get through the traffic junction once you see the lights flashing :p

So yes, I do obey road signs :)