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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Signs: Hump - Slow

The next few days, I think I will be posting signboards. Err, sounds boring? Oh, never mind.

Every working day, I will be passing by so many humps to get to the office. This is how it looks.

You can't imagine how many I pass by! More than 15!
Do you pass by roads will lots of humps?


Olivier said...

on dirait le serpent dans le livre "le petit prince" de Saint Exupery ;o)
one would tell to the snake in the book “the small prince” of Saint Exupery ;O)

Viola said...

Driving safely is the first and most important thing, good to both drivers and passbys. In Pennsylvania there are mountains, not high. So chevrons and speed limits indicate drivers to slow down.

Dijah said...

I only pass about 5 bumps on the way to school and that's already torturing.I can't imagine going over 15 bumps.

Waldo Oiseau said...

We only have bumps in some residential neighborhoods where we don't want people to drive fast. I like your sign better with the drawing! Ours just say "Bump"