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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Beauty World Station

Beauty World is one Singapore musical written about a Malaysian girl from Batu Pahat coming to Singapore to search for her father in the 1960s. But that's the musical.

Beauty World also refers to two 'archaic' shopping centre at Upper Bukit Timah in Singapore. There's Bukit World Plaza and Bukit World Shopping Centre. When you step into it, you might think you stepped into the 60s or 70s (or maybe 80s) Singapore. LOL...

Construction of Beauty World Station

Now there's an additional Beauty World. Beauty World MRT Station. It's suppose to be ready in 2015. With the new MRT lines having beautifully designed stations, I wonder how this station will look like.


Anonymous said...

I hope this station name stays as it is, because it sounds nice. Heard that the other station near Hwa Chong, the name is now changed.

Unknown said...

Ya, read that it was named Tan Kah Kee Station.

Beauty World does sound rather 'beautiful' ya?