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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Photo taken using LG Viewty Smart: It must have bean love

Thought this is such a cool play with words. It must have "bean" love. LOL..
(By the way, I am not a coffee drinker.)

It must have bean love

Guess what, after I saw this, the song "It must have been love" has been ringing in my head. arrghh... I hate this ringing in my head tunes. Errr how about I get it ringing in your head too? Listen to it at this youtube link. LOL

Ya, another photo taken using the LG Viewty Smart camera. If you are in Singapore, hop over these few days to CommunicAsia 2009 to view it.


Benita said...

Funny both ads are done by the same agency... Haha.

Unknown said...

which two ads are u talking about? this and?

industrial photographers singapore said... sounds like "it must been in love" haha... very funny leh