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Friday, June 12, 2009

Photo taken using LG Viewty Smart: Wet Paint

I was invited to an event around last week by LG Singapore and got my hands on the LG Viewty Smart mobile phone. Why did I go? I am a current user of an LG Phone, (KS20), and I was looking to replace my phone and came this invite. So why not? ;-)

I am not a phone reviewer, so am not doing the typical phone review, you can do an online search and read all about it on the various technical websites.
(or click here or here to see what these two other bloggers think of the same phone)

What I will do is to show the photos that I took using the LG Viewty Smart (or GC900) for the next few days till the phone is officially launched.

Wet paint signs that you see all the time in Singapore.

Wet Paint

Wet Paint

Photos are as it is. Not 'photoshopped', just resized smaller to the width of 650 pixels like other photos on this blog.

What do u think?


marley said...

Very good quality photos. Worth having the phone just for the camera!

DK said...

Nice. Can upload an un-resized version? :)

And congrats for being the finalist of the OMY Blog Award. :)

Camemberu said...

Hey the photos are not bad at all for a cameraphone! Congrats too on the OMY finalist shortlist!