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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Photos taken using LG Viewty Smart: LG Booth at CommunicAsia

If you want to touch and hold the various models of the LG Phones, you can head down to CommunicAsia 2009. It's for Trade and Business visitors only though. But you can alwways register using your business card to get in. It closes tomorrow.

A few of us bloggers took leave and went there to give our feedback on how the LG Viewty Smart phone was to the LG guys who came from Korea. I took these photos using the Viewty Smart again.

The original photo resized only.

LG Booth @ CommunicAsia

The same photo 'enhanced' using Adobe software on my PC.

There's also a photo editing function on the camera phone! But I have not fiddled enough yet to show how the photos will turn out.

LGBooth @ CommunicAsia

There are more and more camera phones around, from LG and also its competitor just across the LG booth. Do you think that in 2 years time, everyone will just carry camera phones because the quality is getting better? I have 2 previous phones (one of it LG too) that has camera function that is absolutely crap. LOL...

Of course it's not DSLR quality or those of the higher end point and shoot. "Soon...." We hope that LG will have enough time to enhance the beta software based on the feedback that we gave them. Our phones were only loaded with beta software.

This phone we heard will be launched in Singapore in July.

You should take a look at how a professional photographer can take beautiful photos with a camera phone! I am like WOW! Visit Tetanus's site at:


Jinghui said...

Hi Hi

Nice to catch up with you again yesterday ! Great to see you blog about it !
I would be writing up on my next few posts soon !

Looking forward to more photos from your LG Viewty Smart GC900 !


Unknown said...

Am I the only one who gave a comprehensive review on the GC900 among us? I think I have been pretty critical about the phone, despite being a "beta" firmware. Bah!

Ya, Tetanus photos rock!

Anonymous said...

Where can I find close up pictures of those pretty girls at the LG booth?

阿包 abaoo said...

hihi... Congratulation cause you nominated in Best Photography Blog ... Keep on effort oh ^^ Hav a nice day ^^

Tetanus said...

Thank you for the kind words, Keropok Man and Chester.

My review of the Viewty Smart is up:

Unknown said...