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Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Sail @ Marina Bay

Was here yesterday, at The Sail @ Marina Bay.

"The Sail @ Marina Bay"

(bigger resolution photo of it here.)

I was here to collect my apartment keys. Ya right!
I can't afford to stay here. Unless someone decides to donate an apartment here to me. LOL..

This view is not the usual view you see on the brochures. You should look at their publicity website to see why it's called the Sail.

I was here to preview a new gadget that will be launched Singapore very soon.


Kate said...

i, unfortnately, have SO much trouble with this format on blogs and lost my last comment. So here I go again, hoping that it show up this time. I love the perspective you chose for the photo. Have you been in any of the apts? The view from the top floors must be spectacular!

Unknown said...

oh, what's causing the trouble on commenting? then i shall change it.

I went up to the 44th floor, and yes, the view was magnificent!

Jinghui said...

Heh .....

I knew "What You Did Up There" .........

Nice to meet you !


Ming1881 said...

Nice pic Keropok. This is one of my favorite taking pic area. Lots of construction happenning.

Btw, what kind of gadget? hehe

Ming (

marley said...

I bet there is a great view from up there!


nice to have met you too!

this is mybearbrick!

Unknown said...

jinghui, william!!
Nice to have met you! ;-)

Signed some ND form, so can't say it for the time being. hehe..


It's quite a view indeed!