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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Chilli Crab

You saw the killing of the crab in yesterday's post. This is the happily ever after ending. (for the humans of course...)

Chilli Crabs

Oh! So yummy! You can easily prepare this at home. When you visit Singapore, just remember to buy back packets of sauces for chilli crabs. They are really easy to prepare.

Remembered long ago, friends and I prepared chilli crabs in their apartment in Sydney. I was on holiday and brought in boxes of sauces and Sydney has great fresh and big crabs. We did something similar to the photo above. ;-)

(If you want to see the cooking process, click here.)


marley said...

Looks tasty! Not so good for the crabs though!

Unknown said...

They were tasty! Really tasty! :-)

Ming1881 said...

My favorite dish ..yummy.
I never tried or experience preparing such dish...must be fun for you.

industrial photographers singapore said...

wowww...looked soooo delicious...feels hungry while see this pic hehehe.