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Tuesday, June 09, 2009


These crabs being killed by the fish monger for us. We bought a few crabs and the fish monger is helping us kill it. Killing it ourselves can be quite traumatic at home. LOL!

Killing Crabs

There are many ways to kill crabs, how do you do it?

Dinner was Chilli Crabs & Butter Crabs. Do you like to eat crabs?


Leif Hagen said...

Interesting photo. Are the crabs expensive? Do you kill the crabs with a small baseball bat? This picture makes me hungry!

Taoism said...

Where do you get the crabs and for how much?

Unknown said...

Leif Hagen,
Crab prices are seasonal. If you have them in the restaurants famous for crabs, you pay around $120 for two crabs. If you buy them fresh at the market, you pay $90 for 6 crabs.

Some people pierce the eye, some freeze them in the freezer till they are unconscious. The fish monger just use his big cleaver to chop it in half!

This is at the Bukit Timah Market. We thought they were going to be tiny ones but the fish monger reserved huge ones for us. Can't remember how many kilos, but it was a lot! They clean it for us too. Seasonal prices, but last weekend it was $90 for the 6 we had.

monkey girl said...

My mother used to kill them (and lobster, too) by putting them in a pot of boiling water.

She never killed them before hand, just killed them when she cooked them.

alicesg said...

Right, they froze them in the freezer but sis still get bitten by the crabs. I always tried not to cook crabs at home, so much work.

Taoism said...

I am really interested here. So sorry, not around here and so when you say Bukit Timah market, I can ask a local and everyone should know? To my knowledge, Bukit Timah is a long road that runs accross Singapore. Also, if can do you have the number?

Shantaram said...

Love crabs - but developed an allergy to all kinds of shellfish, all on a sudden. And now I can only drool :(

Zannnie said...

LOVE CRABS! :) I must eat some crabs when we will be in SG in July! MUST!

My favourite is Chilli the pincers!

At home, my aunt will freeze them, til they K.O.


Unknown said...

Monkey Girl,
That's a very American way of doing it right? :-)

Asking the fish monger to do it the easiest way! Then bring home and cook it immediately :-)

No number, but Bukit Timah market is near to Bukit Timah Plaza / Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School area.

Seen the docs to see how u can get rid of the allergy? Poor thing :-(

Yes! I remembered the date that we are meeting up. :-)

Ming1881 said...

Interesting post :-)