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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Blood Suckers! 3 tubes of my blood!

Since I posted about doctors yesterday, (that's not really a medical doctor, but a restaurant) this is a  photo of my blood test I took.

The medical assistant took the photo for me, the nurse said I have to stay still and not move my other hand.

They took 3 tubes of my blood. I am now waiting for the results.

The above is the picture of the 1st tube being taken. The 2nd tube is available at my Singapura Daily Makan Blog.


Jing said...

why not post this one for the theme day of March????
working people.....

i am afraid of the blood test. each time when the nurse begin to take my blood, i always close my eyes...and deep breathe.
thx, god, i am still alive.

Unknown said...

ya! i did not think of using it for theme day! haha...

it's not that scary. i was also a little afraid, but it's ok :-)

Meg said...

Gee, I hope you are ok!!!

Abrar said...

If you allow me. Can I use the picture for the purpose of scientific
I need it in scientific research on the withdrawal of blood

Unknown said...

Sure Abrar.

But the photo is not particularly clear.

(It was taken by the nurse. :p)