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Friday, February 23, 2007

Singapore Flyer - It's not a full circle yet.

Here's an update to the Singapore Flyer that's being built. The wheel is building up. It's now more than a quarter of a wheel.

When ready, a full circle 'flight' will take 37 minutes. $29.50 for an basic adult ticket. Although it's not completed yet, but bookings are now opened!

This is back to my old post, where the wheel's not even there! ;-)

Singapore Flyer Website


Anonymous said...

I saw this when I was back during the wk before CNY! Looks like a gigantic viking ship from afar!
37mins is too long, right?

Unknown said...

ya hor, when u say viking ship, it does look like it!

37 mins ok lah. just enough time to take photos and enjoy the views.

london eye is 30 mins, and I find it too fast! this is only 7 mins more :-P

Olivier said...

il y aura une vue superbe, tu vas pouvoir faire de superbes photos, mais le prix est quand même cher non...
Bon weekend

there will be a superb sight, you will be able to make superb photographs, but the price is nevertheless expensive not… Bon weekend

Anonymous said...

Anther Fer Wh! :-)

DK said...

Why not convert it into a viking ship then? At least we are more unique and not copying London. :D