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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Loud hailer shouting: Lai ah Lai ah..

Posting from outside Singapore. Thank goodness parents have broadband.

Wishing all Chinese people reading this, have a great reunion dinner.

Chinese all around the world, would rush home to be with families, yes, a whole big clan like thingy, all your uncles, aunties, cousins, nieces, nephews, all eating together and spending time catching up and giving/receiving 'ang pows' (Red Packets filled with money).

Got to rush off soon after posting this, going to travel around 45 mins to Grandma's place. It will be a fabulous time!


This is a vendor shouting "Lai ah Lai ah, jing pee" (come, come, very cheap) to people in Chinatown. He said, I can take his picture, but as long as the police to not look for him, its ok. haha...

He's selling nuts. Those packets are packs of nuts. It's also the same stall selling the various melon seeds and other nuts in the last few day's posting.


Ming the Merciless said...

Kong Hi Fatt Choy!!

Remember NOT to open the ang-pows in front of the guests and say, "Aiyo, no kho only. So kiam siap one!" :-)

Kris said...

I'm nuts about nuts!


edwin s said...

hey phil'pok,

kong hei, kong hei! hope you're having a great time celebrating.

Jazzy said...

Happy Chinese New Year Keropok, all the best.

lovely, festive atmosphere there, have lots of fun over the holidays.

Mandi said...

I love the market photos. Great shot.

Dsole said...

Happy new year, Keropok!
This is a funny portrait!
in Spain vendors used to shout "Bueno, bonito barato!" which means "good, beautiful and cheap!" ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!