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Friday, February 09, 2007

Time to buy the decos.. head to Chinatown quick...

Are you one that will decorate your home with all the festive stuff? The shops that sells them are all decorated nice and bright, just like this shop in Chinatown.

As you can see, everything's red again. I just realise there's a piggy right in the middle of the pix! hahaha... See those stuff hanging that looks like pineapples, yes, they are suppose to represent pineapples. They symbolise something too. Some the commenters will fill in the blanks :-)


tigerfish said...

The piggy in the middle looking at you this paparazzi snapping it pix, and givin u that snicker ;p
Ong Lai Ong Lai, I need to buy Ang Pow TOTO!

Olivier said...

le cochon est le roi de cette boutique, au centre il trĂ´ne.
belle lumiere, bravo.
Je te souhaite un bon weeck end

the pig is the king of this shop, in the center he throne. beautiful light, cheer. I wish you a good weeck end

Zannnie said...

wang lai! wang lai!:) ...did u buy a 'ong lai' too?


p.s. wang lai (mandarin)=ong lai (hokkien) = pineapple (englis)

Anonymous said...

Such festivity! It's exciting -- I would decorate if I were there. Couldn't resist it! :) The more red the better.

koeiru said...

The trouble with putting up decorations is taking them down.

Meg said...

Just looking at this while eating a piece of pineapple! So what does it mean, you guys?