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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Chinese sausages galore!

Sausages here, sausages there. It's everywhere.

Chinese sausages are popular in manay chinese food. There are also many varieties of it. Some are made from just meat, others are made from inards of animals, eg liver, etc. The darker ones in the photos are the ones made from liver, etc...

Goodness gracious. I only eat the normal meat ones, the rest have taste that puts me off.

These sausages are displayed across the wall of the stalls that sells them. There was a few stores that sell them.

The Chinese likes to give them as gifts as well. When we visit relatives, we bring a gift and the recipient will then 'return a gift'. This is what we do here in Singapore and Malaysia. (Not sure if other chinese in other countries do the same).

Yes, gifts are always accompanied by mandarin oranges, and they are always given in pairs.


tigerfish said...

Chinese sausages (of liver, blood, other innards) just like Haggis or Black Pudding mah. But I don't like them also. I rather eat pig blood cubes than something mashed up and stuffed into some skin....yucks!

Bill said...

A bit different than the local Safeway!

Felicia said...

That is a lot of sausages! Yes, very different from American grocery stores (BTW, Safeway is one of the names of the grocery stores). I'm getting into the Chinese New Year spirit with your photos!

Unknown said...

tigerfish, another person who dun like those yukki stuff like me.

bill, i think even there's a safeway i chinatown, they might not sell them :-)

felicia, yup, i know safeway, i use to shop at safeway when i was living overseas for a few years.

Dsole said...

great captured!
I have just eat chicken sausage 30 minutes ago si I won't stop here for a long while... that's a lot of food there!

Ming the Merciless said...

I love the sausages with sticky rice stuffed inside a roast chicken. Yummilicious!!!

The liver sausage - not so yummilicious!!

Meg said...

We do the same - the return gift - in Japan, not necessarily oranges, but anything. The thing is, when you're giving/returning gifts, we're always supposed to say, "This is really uninteresting, but..." or "There's only one in here, but..." even if you're giving a box full of something mindblowingly yummy. Strange, eh?

isa said...

Fascinating! So do you ever gift flowers or wine or chocolates (like we do in the States) or is only food? And always with madarine oranges?

Anonymous said...

Good one Keropok! I've never seen anything like it in the local Chinese shops!

And then again, that's a lot of sausages!

Meg's comment is fascinating!

In our (Bulgarian) tradition, we never go to a friend's home empty handed. Whether is some food, whine or flowers. But the hosts don't need to give back a gift, they'll bring something when they return the visit!


Unknown said...

ming, i love the normal chinese sausages with fried rice too. or char kuey teow! yum yum..

dsole, these sausages can't be eaten with bread. LOL. it's hard! needs to be sliced thinly and cooked.

meg, isabella, lachezar,
it's only the Lunar New Year that such 'gift exchange' thingy happens, a bit like Christmas :-) But mandarin oranges is the fruit of the festivities. hehe...

Unknown said...

I like the sausage in fried rice as well. It's not the same without it. My mom also uses little bits of it for a puffy savory bun she makes. It's delicious in there!

I've never seen it sold like this! Wow.