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Friday, January 04, 2008

at the middle of the padang....

This was taken earlier today, in the evening as I was walking in the middle of the padang. the view of the tall buildings of mostly banks.

Padang (in the Malay language) means field. The Padang is also a well known open space in the CBD. You can read more about it at wikipedia.

Just trying out taking the picture is wide screen mode on my camera. It's suppose to be in full HD mode. Hmm.

Have a good weekend! How are you spending your weekend?


zakscloset said...

nice picture! looks very modern. i'm spending my entire weekend studying for the exams!!!!! AAAAGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!

Unknown said...


all the best for your exams!
study hard! don't be lazy. haha.

Isadora said...

:) Looks like you've succeeded. Amazing, everything is brand new in this city.

Joy said...

You know kero, whenever I visit Singapore, there's always some construction going on? How many buildings do you have in Sing?

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and for your wonderful comments. Sorry if I wasn't able to visit you sooner - very very busy house hunting! Do visit again!

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Unknown said...


i don't know! they are forever knocking down old buildings and building new ones!