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Saturday, January 26, 2008

sbs transit and bak kwa stalls welcomes you to chinatown.

It's getting nearer to the Chinese New Year. Chinatown is such a hive of activity. Last nite I walked the streets of Chinatown to 'absorb the atmosphere'. haha..

Many people do that for the fun of it. Squeezing with thousands of people along the roads in Chinatown with stalls displaying their wares.

Visitors coming out of the Chinatown MRT station will see this. The welcome sign is exactly the same as last year's. Guess they are good at recycling :-)

View the photo I took in February last year here of the same entrance.

The only difference is that the station number and name has been replaced with a Bak Kwa shop's advertisement.

I know most people hate crowds. But, do you sometimes like me just join the crowds for the fun of it? haha..

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