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Friday, January 25, 2008

quan yifeng and old granny quan yifeng

Every time I see this poster in train station, I want to laugh.
You know why? They are the same person! Haha...

The person is not a train personnel though she is wearing the SBS Transit train uniform.
She is actually a very emcee, comedian and host on the local TV. Her name is Quan Yifeng.

Have a great weekend!
By the way, what do you do on weekends?


Raquel Sabino Pereira said...

On weekends I normally laugh and sing and be HAPPY!!!!!!

Have a nice weekend toooooooooo!!!!

DwD said...

i know that they didnt use the elder lady, but i didnt know that it's the same person! have a good weekend!

Michael Salone said...

When I saw this on the portal I thought, "That was brave of him to take that photo!" Excellent.

Weekends - some more...visit a museum...sleep some more (I'm pretty boring I know!)

Have a great weekend yourself.

zakscloset said...

are they really the same person!?!?!? that's incredible! i would've never guessed! so which one's real her??

Isadora said...

:) See, I would never have known that. Thanks for letting us in on the inside joke.

Jazzy said...

looks a bit scary, this photo of yours =)
hope you're having fun over the weekend!
well this saturday... i went out with my parents for lunch and later on for dinks... quite nice and relaxing!

Bill said...

Last weekend, I was backpacking in Canyonlands Utah. This weekend I am catching up on blog visits :)

Interesting poster!

Unknown said...

sailor girl,
Being Happy is good! Keep the happiness going...

its the same person, that's why it tickles me.

you can continue to visit the Singapore Museums when you are here. ;-)

the younger one! the old one is a fake! haha

no problem!

you are always having such nice weekends! no rush. so unlike pple here in Spore.

you have such an interesting pasttime. I am sure it was very fulfilling.