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Saturday, January 05, 2008

our glorious dead - The Cenotaph

This granite structure is located along the Esplanade. It's called the Cenotaph or known as also as "Our Glorious Dead".

Extract from the National Library Infopedia:

The Cenotaph located along Connaught Drive at the Esplanade, facing the old Courthouse, is a war memorial, which commemorates the sacrifice of the men who perished during World War I and World War II. It was unveiled on 31 March 1922 by his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, Edward VIII.


Isadora said...

The roof of the structure behind the monument looks like a giant armadillo.

Joy said...

I think it's really good to remember those who sacrificed precious lives in the war. But to be honest, I hate wars!

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Unknown said...


the giant armadillo is known as the Esplanade Theatre. It's also known as the big durian. ;-)

xxoos said...

it's actually a memorial for the indians in singapore for their sacrifice during world war one.

world war one was largely a european war which the british fought. as part of the british empire, large numbers of indians, from india and other parts of the british empire, helped out with the british war efforts. i think during the first world war, there were little help from the other races. yup, there's nothing about the second world war regarding this memorial.

Anonymous said...

Actually, xxoos, you are probably mistaken and referring to this

This Cenotaph was built in memory of British soldiers.

Unknown said...

Thanks E!