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Sunday, January 27, 2008

red and orange colours rules during CNY.

Scenes of Chinatown. This will be what I will be posting here in Daily Photos these few days.

It seems Reddish and Orangey colors rules!

Do you have a Chinatown in your city? Do you visit it often?
For me, I only visit it during Chinese New Year!


Ann (MobayDP) said...

Wow! That really is stunning! It sure caught my eye in the daily portal. :)

Jamaica doesn't have a China Town but we do have a lot of Asians (mainly Chinese and Indians)living here. I should find out where the Chinese New Year Celebrations will be in Montego Bay this year.

Anonymous said...

Yes and I visit it almost weekly. I have to go there for good instant noodles. :P

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Olivier said...

j'aime toutes ces couleurs, on a l'impression que c'est toujours la fête. Non pas de chinatown à Evry, la ville est trop petite

I like all colours, it was the impression that it is always the party. Not to chinatown in Evry, the town is too small

MJ said...

Hi Keropok..I have Petaling Street here. However there are other places to get the feel of CNY, like the night markets. And you know wat.. there is actually a new bazaar here called - Niu Ze Xui.

Same name as your Chinatown in Spore.

 gmirage said...

None...back in the Philippines there is! A colorful place indeed!

Ming the Merciless said...

I go about once a week or so, mostly for the Chinese food.

Unknown said...

i think you will enjoy when you find it. chinese just eat. LOL

too much instant noodles no good! wait botak ah!

Evry is small, but very lively!

Haha.. copy cat! LOL.
Open by pple from the red dot izit?

yes, it is!

hmmm since you don't cook, do you visit each place in town in a 'round'. so you rotate the food you eat? ;-)