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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

changi terminal 3 opens today.... passport in diff languages....

Changi Airport's Terminal 3 opens today!

It welcomes her first flight, SQ001 that flew in from San Francisco at around noon today.

This is what arriving passengers will see.

Do you understand this?

What about this?

I am sure you are all clever enough. haha..

To those who arrived today, have an enjoyable stay in Singapore!
The above are photos I took when I went for the Open House and these are the big screens at the Immigration counter.

Friends from overseas, have you visited Singapore?
Friends in Singapore, did you go to the Open House recently?


Anonymous said...

Ya, and guess what? The director in my department gets to fly out from there to Shanghai today! (KM, you know her too ;) I wonder if she bought her camera along)

Anonymous said...

I always wonder how Japanese people manage outside Japan in airports. The signs are usually in the national language and perhaps English. I know in Burma I was completely lost, literally, a lot of the time.

Olivier said...

je ne vois pas la version en français ;o)
I do not see the french version ;o)

South African Scenic Beauty said...

I always wanted to go to Singapore, I know i'll need a get phrase book

chillycraps said...

i went there a few days ago and my father commented about the IMMIGRATION counters..

he thought one alphabet represents one column, like I-M-M-I-G.....

but T3 is nice!

Lilly said...

Still haven't been to Singapore, but hope to one day.

Anonymous said...

What a coincidence, I've just posted an article on different languages displayed on signs in Singapore.
haha... :)

Alex's World! -

Simon said...

I've been to Singapore twice lately, during christmas time in 2006 and in summer 2007. I love your country! :-) And the airport Singapore is one of best and most comfortable I've seen so far.

zakscloset said...

wow! it's got a display in japanese!! i bet there are a lot of japanese tourists in singapore.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see the first flight number is SQ001...Thanks for sharing the official openning. So not sure if i'll be landing in T2 or T3 this Sunday?


• Eliane • said...

Hooooh, Monsieur Keropok is testing us now? I am affraid but I have failed miserably. The English one I understand and I second Olivier: où est le Français??? ;)
I have never been to S'pore. Which is why I am enjoying my virtual visits through your eyes.

Ming the Merciless said...

I can't believe they allow you to take photos inside the airport.

At LaGuardia and JFK airports in NYC, they DO NOT allow any photos inside the airport.